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Black rug

When comparing natural organic rugs and artificial rugs, well, there is no comparison. The quality of natural fibre rugs cannot be matched. In terms of functionality, organic rugs have fibres which entrap heat, essentially forming a thermal layer of air — a major advantage in colder climates.

In comparison to synthetic varieties, they're also much more environmentally friendly. The only disadvantage is that they cost slightly more, but you get what you pay for — a high-quality rug that will last. This black rug is classic-looking, offering incredibly soft fibres, you may even want to lay down and get comfortable.

This rug will elevate the look of any room, offering a cosy and welcoming vibe. The natural texture of the fibres is also very stunning and welcoming. Investing in this black rug means that you will enjoy both warmth and style, adding the perfect addition to your indoor living space.

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