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Gray rug

When it comes to the perfect rug, you want something that is both beautiful and warm. This natural organic rug is both of those, plus so much more. Unlike synthetic rug fibres, organic fibres entrap heat, resulting in a natural thermal layer of air. If you live in a cold climate, you know how valuable a warm, good-quality rug can be.

In comparison to synthetic, natural organic rugs are much more eco-friendly. With such soft fibres, you will be tempted to lay down and get cosy. The quality is unmatched, offering a rug that will last. The only disadvantage is that these rugs can cost a bit more, but when factoring in quality, you most certainly get what you pay for.

Grey rugs are unique and calming, adding a highly inviting accent to any room. This grey rug will compliment warm colours; natural, rustic wood décor; and modern metal decorations — just to name a few. The relaxing and beautiful quality of this grey rug will create a tranquil spot in the middle of your living space.

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